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We are not some cosmic accidents, but His masterpieces shaped with destiny in mind. He always intended us to rule and exercise dominion over this world. He longs to find faithful stewards as shown in

Genesis 1:27-28.


About the Author

Maxims of Faith

Faithfulness, Stewardship, Resilience, Courage, Excellence

Aaron Kim is a born-again Christian, a husband, a father of four, and a modern-day renaissance man. A Korean born in Germany, Aaron is a polyglot who lived in more than 10 countries before the age of 30.


His life journey began with a spiritual seed sown by his grandmother. Growing up, Aaron was influenced by diverse cultures and international education spanning three continents learning several languages. He then started a career with the leading global financial institutions on Wall Street, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Two decades later, as a seasoned financial professional,  Aaron set up Kairos Capital in Singapore as a response to God who relentlessly pursued him with a calling, Aaron's purpose in life is to finance the Great Commission.

Aaron earned a Tourism & Hospitality Management Degree from Klessheim  Salzburg Austria. His bachelor’s degree in Finance was awarded by Hawaii Pacific University. He earned two MBA degrees from INSEAD, and Tsinghua University in Beijing China. 


In his spare time, Aaron enjoys interdisciplinary contemplation and writing.  He keeps himself fit with a spectrum of sports activities from triathlon to golf. 

Aaron and his family currently reside in Seoul Korea. They are all Singapore Permanent Residents.

Hi, please write to me your encouragements, feedback, and prayer requests. 

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