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Hi, I'm Aaron Kim. Welcome to my Page!

Since the release of my 


book, "Pursued By the Maker" people have encouraged me to continue to write updates on what God has been doing in my life since then. Guess what? So much has happened in my personal life and I wanted to capture them in order to share them with you. All in the hopes that it lifts your personal faith. This is the space where I would like to jot down, the reflections & contemplations that I have developed over the years while spending intimate time with God. Relevant and thought-provoking topics ranging from God and Family, God and Sports, God and Personal Finance, God and Community, all under the banner of "Unveiling the Zeitgeist" which is the title to my blog series & newsletters. And as long as God is willing to speak through me, I am willing to put it into writing. Who knows, at some point, there may be enough material for a sequel to "Pursued By the Maker".

Thank you for checking out my site and I hope that you find the content enriching and inspiring. 

Aaron H. Kim

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A Global Citizen's Journey into the Heart of God.


Do you struggle with feeling like there should be more from life?

Do you feel confused about what your purpose is?

Do you long to encounter a God who is bigger than your world?

If so, then get lost in Pursued by the Maker, a true account of one man’s gripping adventures as he discovers and pursues God’s purpose.

A multilingual global citizen and a prodigal son, Aaron Kim tells his life’s journey, beginning as a young Korean boy in Germany, searching for truth. His probing mind and daring spirit lead him across the globe to a myriad of experiences such as attending school in Austria, surfing big waves in Hawaii, and working a career in New York City's financial district. Eventually, he faces God's relentless call to take part in building God’s kingdom as a financier.


By retracing his steps, Aaron makes an insurmountable case for a God who pursues us and calls us to a purpose greater than we can imagine. Through Aaron’s story, you’ll see how God surgically removes insecurities, fear, and self-reliance through hardships and challenges so that we might fully know Him as a loving Father.

Pursued by the Maker will not only captivate your imagination but will grow your faith to pursue the God-given purpose for your own life.

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What People Say About

"Pursued By the Maker"


Amazon Reader

Once I started reading this story of a man going through so many extraordinary and exciting things in life I couldn't put this book down. I HAD to keep on reading, so I finished it in one day.
I cried, laughed, and smiled throughout the whole book. Amazed at how the writer is able to stay so authentic and transparent while sharing his experiences of the goodness of our Father at all times no matter the circumstances. The author's faith and trust in God as our loving father made me reflect on all my personal testimonies I have with Jesus.
This book has blessed and encouraged me in so many ways and I am sure it will do the same to many more.

Amazon Reader

A wonderful coming-of-age story. Aaron is a prodigal son, an adventurer, and a sojourner. Aaron is defined by grit, resilience, and vision. This is not a story of a privileged man who goes from success to success. This is the story of a bullied Korean immigrant in Germany who pursues his dreams despite overwhelming adversity. This is the story of a teenager who buys a one-way ticket to London to work at a restaurant illegally. This is the story of a man who lives with strangers in South Africa so that he can find a diamond for his fiancee.
This is a story of a prodigal son with an insatiable appetite for adventure, adventures that span the heights of finance in New York and Hong Kong to the waves of Hawaii and South Africa.
But ultimately this is not a story that is just about Aaron. This is a story about a God who is gracious, a God who looks after all of his children, including his prodigal sons.

Amazon Reader

Pursued by the maker is a spell-binding page turner. His life story is so interesting and compelling that one is just sucked in and kept there. The book opens one’s eyes to world politics, business, and cultures, and one comes out knowing more knowledgeable and encouraged to dare the impossibles in life. I highly recommend it.

"Unveiling the Zeitgeist"

A blog post series that uncovers the deceptions of modern Zeitgeist and to Awaken the Remnant.


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