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Ten hard Questions by a Skeptic. #10

Welcome to my blog post entitled "Unveiling the Zeitgeist". Recently, I had the privilege to answer 10 questions from a friend about the nature of God and spirituality in general. I am sharing the ten-part Q&A with my friend's permission. I have titled this very first series "Ten hard questions by a Sceptic". I hope that this blog post series helps all the skeptics out there that wrestle with the existence of God in their minds and in their hearts. Friends, It's time to leave the fence!

Is your prayer any more special than others? Your prayers are special, but this is not why God may or may not answer your prayers. He watches out for you.

#10 Why should I believe God listens to my prayers and intervenes with my life, which in the absolute scale of things is quite comfortable. Similarly, why would he let people get killed from murders or wars every day? They certainly pray too. What makes me think I'm that special over all those people suffering in pain?

You are incredibly special in God’s eyes. You may not believe it nor accept how God feels about you and I cannot change that. However, that is what He says about you in the bible. As a daughter of God, you might not be fully aware of this, but you are seen completely without sin and righteousness because it had cost Him everything to ransom you. He sacrificed His son so you may be His daughter. He was willing to make that trade.

Your prayers have been heard no matter who says what. It goes back to that relationship thing that God is after. He promises that He is always with you and no matter what. Nothing can separate you from the love of God and He is fond of His sons and daughters. Is your prayer any more special than others? Your prayers are special, but this is not why God may or may not answer your prayers. He watches out for you. He is wise and as a father, he takes the responsibility of which prayer He grants, and which ones He holds off. If my baby boy Noah asks me for the hammer because that is his newest fetish, I’d be having no thoughts of giving it to him. Likewise, speaking to God in prayer is about having a conversation, honoring Him, building a relationship with Him, and speaking to Him about what is going on in your life. Let God figure it out if, how, and when He wants to deal with the pressing matter of our life. In my personal experience with God, I have learned to outsource all my problems to Him and so far, God has been very faithful in dealing with the problem or in dealing with me (which is dealing with the problem).

Consider adding: “You are not less special to God because there are so many people on earth. In fact, God illustrates His love for us in the parable of the lost sheep that Jesus spoke of God’s love for his sheep: God is the like shepherd who leaves 99 sheep to go and find the one lost sheep and bring it back. God cares for us individually and would have still sacrificed Jesus even if it was just you only that Jesus' death would have atoned the sins for.”

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Many years ago, I had a vivid dream where God spoke these words to me “Awaken My Remnant”. Since then, I waited patiently to do just that. Not knowing whom to awaken, I waited on God’s next instructions. Then I wrote my first book, “Pursued By The Maker” which was published by Highbridge Publication and sold worldwide. To this day, I pray for the remnant and their awakening, and I continue to write and share my thoughts in a blog post series entitled "Unveiling the Zeitgeist".


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