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Ten hard Questions by a Skeptic. #8

Welcome to my blog post entitled "Unveiling the Zeitgeist". Recently, I had the privilege to answer 10 questions from a friend about the nature of God and spirituality in general. I am sharing the ten-part Q&A with my friend's permission. I have titled this very first series "Ten hard questions by a Sceptic". I hope that this blog post series helps all the skeptics out there that wrestle with the existence of God in their minds and in their hearts. Friends, It's time to leave the fence!

"Can God reach you via missionary no matter what region you belong to and where you lived? Absolutely yes."

#8. Isn't religion a function of what culture and society I happen to be born in? What if I was born in Israel? What if I was born into a Buddhist family? Or what if I was born in the Middle East? Wouldn't I have followed the faith that's normally accepted by that society I was born into? And follow the teachings and scriptures that are appropriate to that faith, rather it is the Quran, the Vedas, etc?

See comments questions #7 about other religions.

Religion can’t be a function of culture because culture is defined as the collective amalgamation of individual values. The bible hardly or almost never talks about culture because “culture” itself is a word born of a postmodern world. The biblical worldview is primarily dictated by God’s perspective on the world, so it becomes His story told from the perspective of the protagonist. Example: Aaron’s testimony about God’s faithfulness. Is God’s story retold from my perspective!

Yes and no, I do not think it’s random and neither is Christianity the answer to all questions. As I stated before Christianity is not for everyone. Many have rejected the gospel for reasons more than them living in remote corners of the world: that would render God impotent and imply God is physically or geographically restricted or limited. Our God is omnipotent that means whether someone hears the gospel or not isn’t so much about a numbers game nor geographical or cultural bias. I think God works in mysterious ways and we do not always have an answer.

Can God reach you via missionary no matter what region you belong to and where you lived? Absolutely yes. According to Romans 1:20-21, God’s invisible qualities - his eternal power and divine nature - have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse (although they knew God, they neither knew God, they neither glorified him nor gave thanks to him). Matter of fact, there are statistics from the global mission’s movement that highlights what nations have been effectively reached for Christ. What languages are left in the effort to translate the Bible? The various studies on people groups, the mission strategy, etc. We do not hear much about what is happening behind the scenes expressed in numbers or less so about anecdotes of people receiving Christ in remote corners of the world, nearly impossible circumstances, and stories that testify to a mass outbreak of acceptance of Christian faith.

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