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#2 Hearing God's Voice in the Workplace.

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Please share how you understand God when making decisions and dealing with problems in your work?

A great indicator is "inner peace" that we gain when we are on the right track versus turmoil and rationalization.

Welcome to my blog post entitled "Unveiling the Zeitgeist". This new 10-part series reveals the secrete of “Hearing God’s Voice in the Workplace”. People spend an average of 90,000 hours (or a third) of their life working. Given that we sleep an average of 229,961 hours during our lifetime, the workplace takes a significant part of our life. In a modern, fast-paced, time-consuming, and technologically driven lifestyle, does God still speaks to His people, or has He become irrelevant and silent? The answer is that God always speaks! Matter of fact, God has never stopped speaking to His people since the foundation of the world has formed. Hearing God’s voice is not only enriching and meaningful to steer our life, but it is also an overlooked and unexplored secret accessible to everyone. So, let’s explore together!

This is a question relating to wisdom and discernment. We tend to think in black and white terms when we are still young in our faith. Just like in life we like to be told what to do by parents or teachers or a supervisor. Likewise, as younger Christian, we are eager to hear God's directives over each situation. Yet, as we grow mature the process shifts and we use godly wisdom trusting that we are in God’s will.

Dealing with problems and making decisions in a tough and stressful environment requires the trust and conviction that God has spoken. We base our decision on that conviction, confirmation, and the peace that follows. Regardless of what type of decisions we make, we believe that God is in control over the situation and that he uses to partner with us. A great indicator is "inner peace" that we gain when we are on the right track versus turmoil and rationalization. The Key is prayer and the relationship with God. Recognizing God’s heart (His will) only develops over time and accuracy comes with familiarity.

Let's pray together! Father God, how do keep our eyes on you when we are constantly under the impact of the dictating circumstances, pressure, and stress that surrounds us? I am not weak but feel venerable to apply your standards and expectations into my own work. Give me great discernment, courageousness, and a heart that never compromises. Above all, help me to be a light that draws those that recognize your son Jesus living in me. In Jesus's name, I pray.

Aaron H. Kim

*This was the second-highest asked questions among believers in the workplace in a 2020 survey about "Hearing God's Voice in the Workplace". 72.73% of respondents have asked about this question.

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Why Unveiling the Zeitgeist?


Many years ago, I had a vivid dream where God spoke these words to me “Awaken My Remnant”. Since then, I waited patiently to do just that. Not knowing whom to awaken, I waited on God’s next instructions. Then I wrote my first book, “Pursued By The Maker” which was published by Highbridge Publication and sold worldwide. To this day, I pray for the remnant and their awakening, and I continue to write and share my thoughts in a blog post series entitled "Unveiling the Zeitgeist".


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